Kids vs Adults

La canción "Kids vs Adults" apareció por primera vez en la décima temporada de Los Simpsons, en el episodio "Los Barts salvajes no pueden romperse" en el que los niños de Springfield para vengarse de los adultos por el toque de queda montan un programa de radio para contar todos sus secretos.

Letra de la canción en Inglés:

Adults: Kids!
Kids: Adults!
Adults: Kids!
Kids: Adults!
Lovejoy: Kids, you've had your fun, now we've had our fill!
Homer: Yeah, you're only here 'cause Marge forgot her pill!
Wiggum: Kids, you're all just scandalising, vandalizing punks!
Krusty: Channel hoppin', Ritalin-poppin' monkeys...
But please don't quit the fan club!
Marge: Kids, I could nag and nag 'til my hair turns blue!
Krabappel: Kids, you burn my smokes and don't say "Thank you!"
Rod & Todd: Why can't you be like we are?
Adults: Oh, what a bunch of brats!
Moe: We oughta drown you just like cats!
Bart: Adults! You run our lives like you're Colonel Klink!
Nelson: Adults! You strut around like your farts don't stink!
Lisa: Adults! You're such a drooling, snoring, boozing, boring bunch!
Surly, meany, three-martini lunchers!
Ralph: I just ate a thumbtack!
Milhouse: Adults! They're always tellin' us to...
Abe: Shut your traps!
Jasper: Eh, we're fed up with all you whipper-snaps!
Seniors: We're trying to get some sleep here, it's almost six-fifteen!
What's the matter with...
Adults: Don't you treat us like...
Kids: Can't you just lay off...
Seniors: We're sick of all of you!
All: Kids ... to ... day!