Todos odian a Ned Flanders

La canción "Todos odian a Ned Flanders" apareció por primera vez en la decimocuarta temporada de Los Simpsons, en el episodio "Colega, ¿dónde está mi rancho?" en el que la familia Simpsons se va de vacaciones a Lazy I Ranch . La canción "Everyone Hates Ned Flanders", fue nominada para un premio Emmy.

La canción nunca ha sido traducida al español de España, sin embargo, en latinoamérica cuenta con su propia versión traducida al español.

Letra de la canción en Inglés:

Homer: Everybody in the USA
hates their stupid neighbour
He's Flanders and he's really really lame!
Flanders tried to wreck my song,
his views on birth control are wrong.
I hate his guts and Flanders is his name!

Homer, Carl and Lenny: F-L-A-N-D-R-E-S
Homer: He's the man that I hate best,
I'd like to see his house go up in flames!

Lenny and Carl: F-L-A,
Homer: His name is Ned!
Lenny and Carl: E-R-S,
Homer: That's a stupid name!
It's worse than Frankenstein
Or Dr. No!

David Byrne: You can't upset him even slightly,
He just smiles and nods politely,
Then goes home and worships nightly,
His Leftorium is an emporium of woe!

Lenny and Carl: F-L-A,
Homer: Don't yell at Ned!
Lenny and Carl: D-E-R,
Homer: His wife is dead! (woman screams)
Everybody hates that stupid jerk!

David Byrne: Springfield rocks with Homer's joyous loathing,
Filling clubs with angry Valentinos.
You don't have to move your feet,
Just hate Flanders to the disco beat.
Homer and David Byrne: He's your perky, peppy, nightmare neighborino!

Homer, David and Ned: If you despise polite left-handers,
Then I doubt you'll like Ned Flanders
Or his creepy little offspring, Rod and Todd.
Todd: That's us!
Rod: Hooray!

Audience: F-L-A!
Apu: His name is Ned!
Audience: E-R-S!
Apu: He is so white bread!
Homer and Choir: The smiling moustache geek who walks with God!